The purchase of a real estate property is an important decision for each of us. Whenever you buy or sell a luxurious property LUXIMOTI is the right decision for you.

Here are some good reasons to choose us:

LUXIMOTI We are a specialized real estate agency working exclusively in the de luxe segment of the market. Luxurious properties are our business. And we know our business.

Friendly and smiling. This is what you will find in our offices friendly and smiling young people, who will treat you as a good friend. Our staff will make every effort so that you are satisfied with your deal.

Understanding. Our employees can really listen to you. Irrespective of whether you are buying, selling or renting, you have an important decision on your hands. Just tell us all the details and we will suggest the optimal resolution for the particular case.

Responsiveness. Swift reaction. When you work with LUXIMOTI, you will have your very own broker at your disposal. He or she will take on your work with high degree of responsibility and will make every effort that the result is more than you expected.

We save your valuable time. We know you are busy. We will not disturb your important work or favorite occupation. Assign us the task and we promise to complete it without needless questions and meetings.

Meet the Director? Of course! Each of our offices is managed by a Regional Director. If you believe he would help you best, simply ask for a meeting. The Director will be glad to see you.

...and more:

Knowledge of the market. Our experts monitor attentively the luxurious property market in Bulgaria. This is why you can expect us to provide you with a reliable consultation and an unbiased opinion, irrespective of whether you are buying or selling. Just ask us!

Best price. The purchase of a luxurious property is related to the payment of a substantial price. We value your effort and we know how important for you is to make a good investment. One of the main tasks of our broker-consultant is to achieve the optimal price for your purchase. And should you choose to sell a property, you can be sure we will make every effort to defend your price and again, to achieve sale at the best price conditions possible.

Legal protection. The real property deals are a serious undertaking, irrespective of whether you are buying or selling. As our customer, you can benefit free of charge from the services of an experienced lawyer, who will arrange for all necessary verifications, will prepare all documents and will accompany you on the day of the notarization of the deal and on the day when the price will be paid. With LUXIMOTI your deal will be completely protected legally.

Loyal Customer. Once you have concluded a transaction with the assistance of LUXIMOTI, you will awarded with a Loyal Customer Certificate, which will provide you with a number of benefits and discounts for all subsequent purchases or sales through our agency.

LUXIMOTI Club. After your second property purchase or sale using our services you will also be granted membership in our LUXIMOTI Club. The membership in this club will enable you to participate in all our investment seminars, access special offers, as well as a number of additional discounts that you may benefit from when using services from our business partners network.

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