Our Services

LUXIMOTI is more than a real estate agency. In order to provide quality services to our clients and partners in all aspects of the purchase-and-sale of properties we created multiple parallel services, so you can find full service at one place. Here are the main ones:

Sale of finished or newly-constructed properties.
Rentals, both long- and short-term.
Evaluations and consultations.
Legal services and protection, preparation of documents.
Strategic planning and conceptions for the development of new residential and office sites.
Architectural projects.
Interior projects and solutions.
Construction sites management,
Administration and management of properties, including entire residential complexes, office- and commercial sites.
Credits and mortgages.
Property insurances.

For the quality of the implementation of all said services LUXIMOTI count on its internal divisions, as well as on its specialized companies and long-term professional partners.

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