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LUXIMOTI successfully cooperates with leading building contractor companies. One of our main spheres of specialization is the sale of residential and commercial properties in process of construction. Our company has extensive experience and has realized a substantial number of similar sales. For year 2006 we have realized over 1000 greenfield sales of newly constructed apartments. We have our very own know-how and a serious platform for marketing of such properties city properties, as well as vacation ones. The greenfield sale suggests a relatively long-term commitment, with the building contractor, as well as with the buyers. This is why we created the unique on-line based OPSMS system, which serves to facilitate this particular type of sales and the communication with the customers.

The recent years saw an increase in the volume of the new construction, mainly in the spheres of city- and vacation apartments. The standards and quality of the newly-constructed buildings rose. The buyers grew more demanding and today they are expecting more from each newly acquired property.

In LUXIMOTI we know the new construction market and are working successfully for the realization of construction projects in all major cities and resorts. Through our network of franchise partners throughout the world, we can offer new constructions even in the smaller cities. Our drive has always been to table only offers by renowned contractors, which have proven themselves over the years with their quality of work and strict implementation of their obligations.

Thanks to its work with its partners building contractor companies, LUXIMOTI has imposed the practice of joint design process of the future buildings and complexes. We participate actively in the entire process, starting from the idea, through the creation of the conception, to the delivery of the technical assignment to the architects and project designers. Our experience and profound knowledge of the market are of utmost importance when preparing projects and different technical decisions. A similar optimization yields extremely beneficial results not only for the overall appearance of the new building/complex, but also for the final financial result for the building contractor.

You are a building contractor company and you are building a building/complex, which may be of interest to the buyers of LUXIMOTI?

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