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General information on Turkey. Country profile, climate, health, education, visa information. More on Instanbul, Bodrum, Dalaman.


Country profile

Turkey is considered to be the gateway between Europe and Asia; it is an Eurasian country located on the Mediterranean stretching across the Anatolian peninsula in southwest Asia and the Balkan region of southeastern Europe. It is bordered by the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea, the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

Official Name: Republic of Turkey
Capital: Ankara

Area: 780,580 sq. km.
Currency: New Turkish Lira (TRY) 1 EUR = 1.77209 TRY
Official language: Turkish
Time zone: GMT +2
Dialing Code: +90
Internet top-level domain (TLD): .tr
Emergency services: 112

Religions: 99% Muslim, 1% other
Government: Parliamentary Republic
President: Abdullah Gül

Population: ~68 million
Population density: 93/km² (240/sq. miles)
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): USD $791 billion (est. 2008); per capita USD 10,380 (est. 2008)
Human Development Index (HDI): 0.775 (medium) (2007)

Lowest point: Mediterranean Sea 0 m
Highest point: Mount Ararat 5,166 m
Days of sunshine per year: 235
Average temperatures: If you are planning your vacation in Turkey, it is a good idea to check the average temperatures so that you can bring the appropriate clothes with you.Depending on the season and which region you visit, you can expect to find varying temperatures in Turkey.The country can be devided into the following regions with reference to temperature:

Marmara coasts - (Istanbul): Hot summers and mild winters.
Aegean coasts - (Izmir): Hot summers and mild winters.
Mediterranean coasts - (Antalya): Hot summers and mild winters.
Black Sea coast - (Trabzon): Temperate climate, warm summers, mild winters and relatively high rainfall.
Central Anatolia - (Ankara): Steppe climate with hot, dry summers; cold winters.
Eastern Anatolia - (Erzurum): Long snowy, cold winters and mild summers.
Southeast Anatolia - (Diyarbakir): Hot summer, mild and rainy winters.

Main International Airports: for the capital city: Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW) and Istanbul Atatürk International Airport (IST); for the Mediterranean coast: Antalya International Airport (AYT); for the Aegean coast: Dalaman International Airport (DLM)

Ports and Terminals: Aliaga, Diliskelesi, Izmir, Kocaeli (Izmit), Mercin Limani, Nemrut Limani

Business hours:
Shops: Monday-Saturday (09:00-21:00)
Offices: Monday-Friday (09:00-17:00)
Banks: Monday-Friday (09:00-15:00)

Turkey is where the three continents of the old world - Asia, Africa and Europe are closest to each other. Only three percent of the country is in the European part and the rest are in the Anatolian Peninsula. The total area is 780 000 sq. kilometers, with population of 70 million. About 99 % of the Turkish population is Muslim, although as a whole it is a very liberal and loosely practiced version of the religion.

Straddling two continents, Europe and Asia, and bordering the volatile Middle East, Turkey has an unrivalled history stretching back thousands of years. From the ancient Hittites to the Ottomans, dozens of civilizations have made Turkey their home, leaving behind them a dazzling historical and archaeological heritage.

But despite its ancient roots, Turkey is a rapidly developing modern state. Born from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire in 1923, the country was transformed by its far-sighted and ambitious first leader Kemal Ataturk. Since his death, the republic has maintained its Western orientation and European aspirations, despite the often-strong counter-current of traditionalism and Islam.






Turkish Airlines and British Airlines (plus the low-cost easyJet) fly direct to Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir all year round. During the holiday season (May October), cheap charter flights from operators like Thomas Cook and My Travel go to the coastal airports of Dalaman, Antalya and Bodrum.


The Mediterranean Coast enjoys hot summers and relatively mild winters. The Black Sea coast is hot and humid in summer, and cold and wet in winter. The north-west and Istanbul can be balmy in summer but chilly in winter.


Private health insurance is essential for anyone planning to visit Turkey, no matter how short the stay.


The country has educational and judicial systems separated from any religious influence.


European citizens will find it quite easy to get a permission to enter the country as they will only have to complete a couple of forms on arrival.


Short-term rents are by no means the money-spinners in Turkey that they were for years in Spain or Portugal, for example. The tourist season on Turkeys Mediterranean and Aegean coasts is shorter than in the Western Mediterranean and much shorter on the Black Sea). The main season is between June and September. The rental returns are more often than not insufficient to cover mortgage repayments.


Those buyers looking just for a holiday home will find a substantial portfolio of high-quality villas and apartments in many key locations, with prices low compared with most of the rest of coastal Europe.

Antalya and Alanya are more for mass-tourism, compact apartments available for as little as 15 000 GBP.

Bodrum and Bodrum Peninsula are more for affluent buyers, where luxury villas might cost 250-300 000 GBP, less than the cost of such house in a Spanish resort.
Turkey no solid infrastructure but much lower prices.
The culture is fascinating, the cuisine is superb; the people are welcoming and intensely proud of their countrys achievements; and much of the coast is simply stunning. Throw double-figure capital growth into the equation to get the foundations for what could be a long and spectacular property boom.

Low entry costs and a very affordable cost of living.


Turkey is among the top seven emerging economies. Price Waterhouse Coopers regards Turkey as a faster-growing market than China and India. A strong and growing economy like this puts upward pressure on property prices. It is mostly cash purchase oriented market. There is a great investment opportunities to be found in Turkeys coastal resorts. Good rental yields are possible during the holiday season and there is also scope for personal use.

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