Legal services

The buying and selling of a property is a well-arranged legal matter with established rules and procedures protecting the property and other real rights and guaranteeing the factual acquisition and sanctity of the immovable property.
Nevertheless, LUX IMOTI advise to always use the services of a legal expert for consultancy and assistance when buying or selling a property.

Based on our long experience in the property sphere we have set up a system for comprehensive legal servicing for our clients.

The legal services we offer are as follows:

Preliminary free consultations on legal matters.

Assistance in the drawing up of the documents needed for the purchasing or selling of a property.

Verification of ownership.

Checking for encumbrances on the property.

Tax consultations.

Drawing up of agreements and notary deeds.

Checking up all documents under the deal including those drawn up by third parties (for example documents related to the deal certified in a notarys office) so that we can make sure that your interests are fully protected.

Representation during the conclusion of a property deal if needed.

and all other legal services needed in the specific case.

The legal services we offer are performed by certified lawyers.

By offering legal services we make the process of buying or selling a property as easy and as hassle-free as possible.

If you have any questions send us an enquiry.

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