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How to buy property in Dubai. Contracts, installments, payments, registration, fees, taxes, re-sale


Buying a property in Dubai is a straightforward process which follows a typical path:

Once the buyer finds the right property they put down a deposit of about 10% of the market price to the Vendors escrow bank account. At the time of closing or exchange, these funds are used towards your personal contribution of the purchase price

A legally binding reservation contract is drawn up detailing the payment schedule - normally between 10%-20% of the purchase price every 3 months. The schedule depends on the developer and it should be agreed on at the start of the deal.

The Sales Contract, (or exchange of contracts), can be signed by the buyer in their home country without visiting an Embassy. However, out of posterity, we recommend signing in front of a Notary Public or Solicitor and ensuring they seal/stamp the document. This is the title document transferring ownership of the property.

At this time, a further 20% is to be paid towards the price and once the contract and title has been registered to you name in Dubai by our local administration usually within the week, you are the owner of the property and can pay the stage payments as necessary until delivery or re-sell as you wish. If you have contracted a mortgage, this will take care of the stage payments for completion.

Once the property and payments are complete, the details must be registered with the Land Registry and an application for residency can be made new homeowners in Dubai and their families are entitled to minimum three-year visas.


There are no solicitors fees, no stamp duty and no tax!
When the Dubai Lands Department registers title, buyers will pay a 1.5% tax based on the purchase price of the property.

One of the main concerns for the foreign property investor in Dubai is that property purchasers do not quite own the freehold to their property, it is anticipated that there will be an upsurge in demand for property when the government introduces the freehold law in the near future.


In general, the Dubai Government issues residence visas to new property-owners and their immediate family. These will need to be renewed every three years as per the latest immigration regulations.


You can sell your property or assign your agreement to anybody. This means that they will take over the payments to be made to the developer.

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