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General information on Cyprus. Fact file, climate, entertainment, lifestyle, airports, business hours. Learn more about Limassol, Paphos, Polis.



Official Name: Republic of Cyprus
Area: Total 9 251 km² (3 572 sq. miles
Highest Point: 1 951 m

Capital: Nicosia (Lefkosia)
Currency: Cyprus Pound (CYP, CY£)
Exchange rate: EUR 1= CYP 0,60
Languages: Greek, Turkish, English

Days of sunshine per year: 340
Blue flag beaches: 39

International Airports: Pafos (PFO) & Larnaca (LCA)
Airlines serving Cyprus: 39
International Ports: Limassol (Lemesos) & Larnaca

International Dialing code: +357
Internet top-level domain (TLD): .cy

Religions: Greek Orthodox 78%, Muslim 18%, Armenian Apostolic, Roman Catholic
Time zone: Winter: Eastern European Time (EET) (UTC+2)
Summer (DST): Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) (UTC+3)

Government: Republic
President: Tassos Papadopoulos

Population: est. 835 000 (2005), est. 689 565 (2001)
Population density: 90/km² (233/sq. miles)
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Total est. $17.49 billion (2005) Per capita $ 21 232
Human Development Index (HDI): 0.891 (high) (2003)

Business hours:

Offices: Monday - Friday (08:00 - 17:30)
Banks: Monday - Friday (08:30 - 12:30)
Shops: Monday - Saturday (08:00 - 19:00)

Most major credit cards are widely used and accepted.

There's something truly special about the island of Cyprus that few can define. Yet it has a magnetic lure of mythic aptitude that has been beckoning visitors here for centuries!

Cyprus lies in the Eastern Mediterranean and is a land of stunning natural beauty and rich heritage. The island enjoys glorious summery weather all year round, giving rise to its relaxed outdoor lifestyle.

Far reaching sandy beaches and pebble bays bordering clear turquoise waters fringe the island's breathtaking coastline. The magnificent Troodos Mountains' emerald green slopes are flecked with colourful wild flowers in spring and are iced with snowy caps in the few cooler months of the year.

Cyprus is a thriving holiday destination, with modern coastal resorts that provide endless entertainment for holidaymakers and residents alike. In recent years, many have decided to turn their ultimate holiday experience into a way of life by relocating to Cyprus.

The transition is a smooth one as English is widely spoken, Cypriots drive on the left and even the legal system is based on the British one. An added benefit is that Cyprus is a full EU member, making it simple to live and work here.

At first glance, present-day life in Cyprus seems a far cry from the straightforward conventions of yesteryear, with its international shops and facilities, however, many traditions still prevail. Nestled high in vine-clad hillsides are quaint villages, seemingly fixed in ways from years gone by. Age-old crafts including weaving, embroidery, lace making and silversmithing are still widely practiced.

Traces of the island's long and intriguing history are still prominent, from ancient castles and amphitheatres to tombs and monasteries. Discoveries about Cyprus' past are constantly being made as new finds are revealed. Recently there has been speculation that Cyprus could be right beside the lost city of Atlantis!

In essence, the attraction to Cyprus is surely the same as it has always been. There are so many different aspects to the island that there really is something for everyone to enjoy! From its temperate climate and dramatic landscape, to its sun-drenched cuisine, friendly people and beguiling antiquity. Often described as 'an island of contrasts', Cyprus is just that, and that's just what makes it so irresistible to so many! Well, perhaps that and a little of the island's own mysterious alchemy!






Shopping hours in Cyprus change in line with the seasons. From June to October shops are typically open from 8am - 7.30pm (with a break from 1pm - 4pm) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. During the cooler months, closing time is brought forward to 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday and Saturday shops are generally open from 8am-2pm all year round, and on Sundays most shops outside of tourist areas are closed. Click here to learn more


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